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19 February 2020

Noonamah Ridge – Media Release 18 February 2020 Intrapac Property have today expressed their disappointment in the decision by the Northern Territory Government to refuse the rezoning application for Noonamah Ridge, effectively blocking the development. Intrapac Property’s Chief Operating Officer Max Shifman said the surprise decision came after six years of painstaking work with government, […]

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Eco Oz Scientists On Site For Frog Study

30 December 2017

As part of the EPA assessment we were required to complete a study on the Howard River Toadlet. These scientists and colleagues worked on site in extreme heat to complete this requirement. Happily taking a break in this photo.

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Toadlet Trapping Method

4 April 2017

To establish how far these Toadlets  travelled we placed numerous traps at different intervals over the site. This was a method that was designed by the scientists that worked on the project, Both from the Government and Eco Oz.

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Toadlet on site

This photo is one of a number of Toadlets  that were discovered on site. They are extremely small in stature but robust in strength.

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Water Level Height Meter

4 February 2017

In the wet season the water flows in the creeks onsite. We placed water level meters in different areas to help establish flows and capacity. This also was a requirement from the EIS.

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April 2018 Rain Event

2 February 2017

In the wet season the site can receive a lot of rainfall. This photo shows the creek running at a very high velocity. We have recorded all rainfall on the site over the last few years. We have a ring gauge tipping bucket that records it all electronically.

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EPA Members Completing On Site Inspection

1 June 2016

Intrapac Property worked closely with the EPA to produce a Environmental Impact Statement. This happened over a 4 year period. The process was extensive and required a massive amount of data to be collected and collated into the report. The board requested an onsite visit and this photo was taken during that particular site inspection.

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Intrapac Property Media Statement Regarding Noonamah Ridge Aquifier

8 April 2016

Following some misleading public statements, Intrapac Property (the developer behind a proposed new rural residential community in the Noonamah/Hughes region known as Noonamah Ridge) would like to reassure the public in regards to a water extraction license it has applied for through the Department of Resource Land Management (DRLM).

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Draft Environmental Impact Statement Released for Noonamah Ridge

Intrapac Property is pleased to announce the completion of its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Noonamah Ridge. Noonamah Ridge is a proposed master-planned rural community in the Noonamah/Hughes region consisting of a variety of lot sizes, a village hub, and an enterprise area providing local job opportunities. The development is set apart by its […]

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Property Developer Announces Plans for New Township in Noonamah, NT

3 November 2014

Melbourne based property developer Intrapac Projects has today announced plans to build a new community called Noonamah Ridge in the heart of greater Darwin, giving Territorians an opportunity to realise their Australian dream of home ownership.

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Noonamah Ridge Press Coverage

2 November 2014

The Noonamah Ridge draft ToR announcement has been covered by the NT News. Intrapac Projects senior development manager Max Shifman said that pending consultation, the site will include schools, shopping precincts and as many as three town centres.“The site is ideal for development; there’s no barriers in terms of flora or fauna and as far […]

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