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19 February 2020

Noonamah Ridge –
Media Release
18 February 2020

Intrapac Property have today expressed their disappointment in the decision by the Northern Territory Government to refuse the rezoning application for Noonamah Ridge, effectively blocking the development.

Intrapac Property’s Chief Operating Officer Max Shifman said the surprise decision came after six years of painstaking work with government, local and state, community and other key stakeholders.

“I’m comfortable we did all that was asked of us and more in our revised rezoning application. We addressed the concerns of rural residents around the nature of the development, conducted detailed investigations into the water supply issues and received a recommendation from the EPA,” Mr Shifman said.

“We wanted to invest in Darwin because we believe in its long-term potential. This project would have created hundreds of jobs per year during construction, long-term permanent jobs through new businesses, and numerous housing opportunities for people in the greater Darwin area,” he said.

Mr Shifman said any government that would refuse a rezoning for land already identified for future development in its own strategic planning documentation, blocking a developer looking to invest tens of millions of dollars over decades without the need for public investment, is not a government that is serious about proper planning and certainly not the economic prosperity of its people.

The NT Government’s grounds for refusal also cited community objections; during the exhibition phase for the zoning amendment, just 18 submissions were against the project and 12 were for. A lack of existing infrastructure was also raised despite the project itself aiming to deliver a substantial number of local facilities over its decade long lifecycle.

Mr Shifman said that Intrapac Property will be diverting resources from the Noonamah Ridge project to other developments across the country for the near term.

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